Grandmother’s house

We lived with my Grandma Adaire up by the north mountains for a year while our house got fixed. The other grandmothers (her sister wives) lived in a big house across the road. We went over there for Sunday school each week. My grandfather’s children and grandchildren were always welcomed. I remember staring at my different grandmothers while they sang. One had red hair and would warble her voice. Another had grey hair with a big bun piled on top, others had a small bun on top. They all seemed really kind and had a friendly smile. They all wore skirts a little below their knees. I didn’t really pay attention to anything said in Sunday school, and I ran out to play in the ditch with the other neighborhood children the second it got out. There was a ditch down the middle of the dirt road.

One day, mother made me a new dress to wear for Sunday School because she said it was conference time. I went outside while she was getting the other children ready. It had rained earlier in the morning, so the ditch was filled with water about to my waist. Myself and other grandchildren got closer and closer, so tempted. I couldn’t resist and jumped in. After a few minutes the others did too. We were laughing and “swimming” and splashing. Our mothers came out in a rush for Sunday school, calling us in. I remember how mad the other mothers got and pulled their children out. But mother watched  me for a minute, saw how much fun I was having, told me to be careful, and left me while she went in to Sunday school. I had a lot of fun!

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